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Who is Sex Ed Mom?

Meet Sex Ed Mom — A sex education expert with over 3 decades of experience teaching and advocating healthy sexuality and relationships. Sex Ed Mom was originally launched on Oxygen Media in 1999 as an online and on-air (live) advice column on how to talk to kids about sex. Learn More.

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In 1999-2001, Sex Ed Mom provided advice to parents and teachers
on how to talk to kids about sex. Check out the updated columns.

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What’s NEW? Scripted, personalized advice

Over my many years of giving advice on talking about sexuality, reproductive health, and relationships, I’ve learned that most people have some idea of what they want to say and just need help with finding the words. When hosting LIVE chats and parent message boards, most people wanted to know EXACTLY what to say, so I’d script conversation starters and sometimes entire conversations (I can type super fast!). And they always wanted more (“… great, and then what do I say?” or “what do I say if they say this…?”).

So, now that I’ve decided to bring Sex Ed Mom back online, a new focus will be about HOW to say what you want to say or need to say. I will focus on scripts that can be personalized by things like gender, audience and tone. And I’ll share scripts from other sexuality experts on topics beyond my expertise.