Meet Sex Ed Mom (aka Erica Neuman, MS)
Hi! I am a sexual health expert with over 30 years experience working in the fields of sex education, reproductive health and healthy relationships. I have a Masters degree in Applied Health Science with a focus in Human Sexuality from Indiana University.

I originally launched Sex Ed Mom on ThriveOnline on Oxygen in 1999 when I was their Senior Sexuality Producer. As Sex Ed Mom I provided advice to parents and teachers on how to talk to kids about sex. I’ve revamped some of my old Q and A columns (some stuff has changed after 20+ years) and will re-post them here.

Now, Sex Ed Mom has returned from a long hiatus and is looking forward to assisting others with their many conversations about healthy sexuality and relationships with youth, students, patients, friends, partners, parents, dates, neighbors, etc. Because, like Kix (cereal), Sex Ed is not just for kids.